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fgb -web.pngAs a Guide, Outfitter, Rancher or Lodge Owner, you provide valuable services to clients from around the world. Your workload is demanding all year long, and your clients expect the best from you for the few days they're in camp. That's why we've created management tools to help you organize your property, scouting information, wildlife management plan, and client information.

Select from our software and communication products to learn how to eliminate your paper journals, print unlimited maps, and use satellite views, tables & reports to help determine the most suitable locations for your customers. Add a flat screen to your lodge and expose your clients to your entire management program. Take a look at how we do outdoor management, safety & communication.

Hunting Success on Private Land

Private Land Hunting is popular across the country on private farms, hunt leases, clubs and guided hunts. Along with Private Land access comes property and wildlife management responsibilities that are often shared among the land users. These include managing:
  • food sources and plots
  • minerals and baits
  • treestand maintenance records
  • trail and game cameras
  • limited use of the property

To help you communicate, record, and document your progress and success as a property manager, OTS has created huntLINX, our satellite imagery, wildlife management and communication program. With huntLINX, you can:
  • store and share stand, blind, & property features on a satellite map
  • communicate with other members via e-mail, social media and pin drops
  • manage your interactive hunting journal, cameras pics, and harvest records

There's a huntLINX program to meet the needs of hunters on 5 acres to 50,000 acres, so click below to select the right one for you.
huntlinx-gage-clr.png    porta-board.jpg   PortaPouch2.jpg    fb-wrap-slap.png   

Public Land Hunter Products

Hunting on Public Land can be a challenge for even the most experienced hunters. Communicating with other hunters for safety and privacy allows you to make the most of every outing and increases your success afield. Take a look at our 3-Step Process help avoid interruptions and leave a record behind for emergency response.

With huntLINX and our MyPASS alerts, you can:
  • inform family & friends of your location in case of emergency
  • help other hunters avoid interrupting your hunt
  • share your location in a satellite imagery program
  • manage info about your favorite places

See how these easy-to-use products can give you a Private Land experience on busy Public Access properties. Select from our recommended Public Land Hunter items or combination kits below.
huntlinx-gage-clr.png    porta-board.jpg   PortaPouch2.jpg    fb-wrap-slap.png    hunters-safety-pak-012013-clr.png

Products for Every Hunter

Whether you hunt Public or Private Land, or Guide/Outfit hunters, Outdoor Tracker Systems has innovative products to improve your hunts, maintain your property, and offer the best services to your clients, members, and customers.


OTS welcomes Outdoor Instincts

oi-logo-clr.pngemail.pngwebsite.pngFit2Kill Facebookyou-tube.png
Outdoor Tracker Systems is pleased to announce the addition of Outdoor Instincts as a promotional partner. Based out of the Louisville KY area, this brotherhood of six members share the desire to be in the outdoors,  pursue wild game and share memorable outdoor experiences with those who have the same passion. 

We encourage you to LIKE & SHARE their Facebook page, view their videos, and follow their pursuits. You may also enter coupon/promo code INSTINCT at checkout in our web store for special Outdoor Instincts discounts. Click here to SHOP NOW!

Mitch Smith & CASA TN Heartland

Mitch Smith Outdoors (MSO), Outdoor Tracker Systems and huntLINX are pleased to offer all attendees of the CASA Scott Sportsman Showcase, MSO friends and followers, and Real Outdoor Adventures viewers huge savings on OTS & huntLINX products. By using Coupon Code SMTH2013 at checkout in our web store, you'll receive discounts from $4.95 to $14.95 on OTS/huntLINX products, and we'll make a contribution to support CASA of the Tennessee Heartland. Select the huntLINX program or combination kit that best fits your needs, and share this offer with any of your friends, family, clients, or business associates.


Shop to Support USA Cares

USA Cares, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Kentucky, helps bear the burdens of service by post-9/11 military service personnel, veterans, and their families with financial and advocacy support in their time of need. Assistance is provided for:
  • Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Removing financial barriers to help secure employment
  • Emergency financial support for essential services

USA Cares has responded to over 40,000 requests for assistance with $10 million in indirect-support grants since 2003, and kindly asks for your support to continue with their programs.

Outdoor Tracker Systems asks that you "Shop to Support" USA Cares. By using promo code USACARES at checkout, 10% of your product Purchase will be donated to USA Cares, along with savings of $4.95 to $14.95 on OTS & huntLINX products.

For additional information visit USA Cares or Click Here to Shop Now.

Merk Farms Hunting

merk-aff-logo.pngMerk Farms Hunting, your Hunting Lease Management Specialists, have chosen huntLINX to Scout, Plan, and Design wildlife management plans for their property leases. HuntLINX allows Merk Farms to add features to their listing maps and highlight areas of interest on their properties. Merk is based in KY, and offers hunting leases throughout the Midwest. We welcome them to our group of promotional partners, and encourage you to visit their site to review property listings.

Merk Farms Hunting Promo

merk-aff-logo.pngMerk Farms Hunting, your Hunting Lease Management Specialist, has partnered with Outdoor Tracker Systems to bring you big savings on huntLINX and other great products from Outdoor Tracker Systems!  Use huntLINX to Scout, Plan, and Execute your Wildlife Management Program, and OTS Field Communication products for safety and privacy. 

By entering coupon code MERK2013 at checkout, you'll save $14.95 on any huntLINX software or combination PAKs, or $4.95 on the Porta-Board or Pouch vehicle displays and Wrap 'N Slap Paks. Click here to SHOP NOW!

Join the OTS Partner Network

Are you a Conservation, Hunting, Social or Sporting Organization/Agency concerned about the safety of your members? Are you looking for ways to help fund projects, trips, or events? Outdoor Tracker Systems can help thru our Partner Network.

Our Network Partners receive discounts, coupons, and gear they can offer and distribute at events such as banquets, tradeshows, or meetings. Pass savings on to your members, friends, customers & clients, and earn commission on each purchase.

Or, perhaps you like our program enough to call it your own? We have options for Private Licensing of our Display Products and Applications, Equity Partnerships, and Marketing/Advertising Partners. If you're interested in learning more, CONTACT US for details.

Primal Adventures and OTS

Hunt? Fish? Camp? Hike? Primal Adventures is your single stop shop for the gear and outfitters you need for your next excursion, and they've got it all organized under one big tent. And, huntLINX and OTS are pleased to be a part of their outdoor solution. Find Your Next Adventure at Primal!

Family&Friends and Warriors Outdoors

Outdoor Tracker Systems is pleased to announce that Family&Friends Outdoors and Warriors Outdoors have joined our Pro Staff Teams. Both will be offering OTS promotions via their social media & web sites and providing their friends and visitors with discounts on OTS & huntLINX products. We hope you'll visit their sites for more info on the causes they support and how you can BUY, SAVE & DONATE using their promo codes. Click the images below for contact information.



Warriors Outdoors Promo

BUY, SAVE, & SUPPORT Wounded Warrior Hunts hosted by Warriors Outdoors. Warriors Outdoors and Outdoor Tracker Systems have partnered to bring you discounts on huntLINX and other great outdoor safety products.  Use your discount coupon to apply $4.95 of savings to any huntLINX software or Outdoor Tracker Systems products. At the same time, you'll be making a 20% donation to Warriors Outdoors to help support their Wounded Warrior Hunts.

Enter coupon/promo code JBWW2013 at checkout in our web store to redeem your discount. Click here to SHOP NOW!

Gary Redmon

gary-redmon.jpgemail.png Fit2Kill Facebook  
Gary Redmon has a life history as an avid outdoorsman with special interest in conservation, hunting & fishing, and practices conservation and Quality Deer Management principles on his hunting lease. Current hunting activities are deer, bear, moose, turkey and small game utilizing gun, bow and muzzleloader. Past hunting travels, outside of his home state of Indiana include: Ontario and Alberta, Canada, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Montana. Gary has a clean fish and game record across Canada and the U.S., and enjoys anything associated with the outdoors related to both hunting and fishing.

Gary received his Bachelors of Science in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University and is a Life Member of the NRA and North American Hunting Club. Other Current Active Memberships include Pope & Young Club- Associate Member, Hoosier Outdoor Writers Association- Director at Large, and Indiana Conservation Officers Association- Associate Member. Gary was also elected “Most Outstanding Member 1984” of the Indiana Deer Hunters Association.

gary-bear.jpg     gary-award.jpg     gary-deer.jpg

Warriors Outdoors

 email.png Fit2Kill Facebook you-tube.png website.png
The Mission of Warriors Outdoors is to help Wounded Warriors enjoy God's country through a therapeutic and healing event.  This is accomplished through the combined efforts of landowners and guides supporting these Heroes through their time and resources.  It is our goal to provide quality hunting, lodging, and meals for each Warrior that is invited on one of our trips.​ Help us support our wounded warriors program by contributing to our fundraising events. All proceeds will go towards hunts for our heroes.

randy-moore.jpgRandy Moore
​​Hi, my name is Randall Moore. I live in Southeast Ohio. I grew up in a small town called Ava. I've always hunted and fished. Not always for fun but for survival, as we were a poor family. I work at Sidwell Materials running heavy equipment. Back in 2011, I met Charles Moore, and he introduced me to a new way to hunt and help our wounded American soldiers. So I teamed up with Warriors Outdoors. I started out as a guide, then i became vice president, now I serve as the president. Now I can only hope that I make Charles proud with all we are trying to do with Warriors Outdoors. I'm thankful he is still working beside me and help make his dream as big as possible. He is also a wounded soldier and then founder of Warriors Outdoors. He is a great man and I am pround to take this journey with him.  May God bless America and Warriors Outdoors.
Danny Hickman

Clint Van Hoose

​​Growing up in Southeastern Ohio I learned that hunting was a way of life. I have two great daughters and a wife of 9 years. My father started teaching me about hunting with a focus on bowhunting at an early age. My passion is bowhunting and spend every free moment I can get on stand. With over 25 years of hunting experience I now look forward to sharing those experiences in the field with those who gave so much for us to have the freedom to do so.


Family & Friends Promo

fam-friends-logo-crop-clr.pngFamily & Friends Outdoors has partnered with Outdoor Tracker Systems to bring you big savings on huntLINX and other great products from Outdoor Tracker Systems!  Use your discount coupon to apply $14.95 of savings to any huntLINX software or combination PAKs, or save $4.95 on the Porta-Board or Pouch vehicle displays and Wrap 'N Slap Paks.

Enter coupon/promo code FAFC2013 at checkout in our web store to redeem your discount. Click here to SHOP NOW!

Family & Friends Outdoors

fam-friends-x9-500.png email.png Fit2Kill Facebook you-tube.png website.png

Family&Friends Outdoors was established in November 2011 by Andrew Farabee with the goal of bringing the average hunter a show they can relate to. We want to show the ups and downs, the "Oh noes" and the "Yeah babies"!

We started as one and now have 10 amazing people on staff, each of whom bring their own unique qualities. They include: Jeromy Allen, Bo Blackwell, Jimbo Blackwell, Rex and Stephanie Harrison, Chad and Kassia Harris, Clay Payne and Rhonda Boyers Roth. Our first year was amazing: we landed some really great sponsors and made so many great friends along the way. Family&Friends Outdoors is just what it says Family and Friends creating memories and making dreams become reality. F&F Outdoors is proud to be in the hunting industry and will be bringing everyone a fun filled adrenalin packed show! Family&Friends Outdoors: Where Friends Become Family.


Primal Adventures Coupon

primal-combined.pngOutdoor Tracker Systems has partnered with Primal Adventures to bring you huntLINX, the most comprehensive Hunt & Property Management Software available. Use your $14.95 discount coupon to get huntLINX Starter Software for FREE for a year, or apply your savings to any other huntLINX software or combination PAKs. Simply enter coupon/promo code PRIM2013 at checkout in our web store to redeem your discount. Click here to SHOP NOW!

Mac & Prowler OTS Discount

mptv-coupon-021813.pngOutdoor Tracker Systems has partnered with Mac & Prowler TV to bring their friends and viewers a $4.95 discount on OTS and huntLINX products. Apply your savings to any item in our web store, even those with other discounts or promotions applied!  Simply enter coupon/promo code MPTV2013 at checkout in our web store to redeem your discount, and feel free to share this offer with your friends and family. Click coupon at the right to SHOP.

BYBP Discount Coupon

bybp-coupon-021513.pngOutdoor Tracker Systems and huntLINX are offering all Backyard Bow Pro members and landowners a $14.95 discount coupon on any huntLINX software or combination PAK kits. This coupon will allow every member/landowner to receive FREE huntLINX Starter Software, or apply your discount to upgraded products. Simply enter coupon/promo code BYBP2013 at checkout in our web store to redeem your discount, and we'll also be making a donation of 10% to BYBP based on upgrade transaction values. Click coupon to SHOP.

Management Done Practical

mdp-logo3-clr.pngManagement Done Practical (MDP) and Jay Bicknell have chosen huntLINX as their preferred program for Wildlife Management. MDP uses huntLINX to Scout, Plan, and Execute their Wildlife Management Program on your property, along with providing a copy of huntLINX for you to use after they're gone. MDP also publishes the FREE E-Magazine, "Management Done Practical".

Outdoor Tracker Systems and huntLINX have partnered with Management Done Practical to pass on savings to MDP customers and readers. By using Coupon Code MDPE2013 at checkout in our web store, you'll receive savings of $4.95 to $14.95 on OTS/huntLINX products, and we'll make a contribution to help keep their E-Magazine FREE. Try our FREE software demo, select the program or combination kit that best fits your needs from our cart, and share this offer with any of your friends, family, clients, or business associates. You can register to receive Management Done Practical E-Magazine by contacting Jay Bicknell at

Gettin Back Outdoors, Missouri

gbo-newspage-020813.pngThe Missouri Chapter of Gettin Back Outdoors and Outdoor Tracker Systems will be hosting five of our Military's Wounded Warriors on a Black Hills SD Turkey Hunt in April 2013. To help offset their travel expenses, we encourage you to make donations to the Chapter (click image for contact info) or you can enter Promo Code USWW2013 when making purchases thru this web site. The code will give you a $4.95 discount plus make a 20% donation to the organization for purchases made thru 04/30/2013. Thanks in advance for your support.

COSS Discount Coupon

A special promotion from Outdoor Tracker Systems and huntLINX to exhibitors and visitors of the Chicago Outdoor Sports Show offers a $14.95 discount coupon toward any OTS product that includes huntLINX. You can get our Starter Software for FREE for one year, or apply your discount to any other huntLINX product or combination kit. If you missed us at the show, don't miss out on this opportunity for great savings on the mapping and management program that you'll never want to be without. Try our FREE software demo, select the program that best fits your needs from our cart, and enter Coupon Code CSSX2813 at checkout for your discount. Offer valid thru 02/10/2013, and feel free to share this offer with any of your outdoor industry friends, clients, members, or business associates.

huntLINX & OTS Coupon Codes

OTS and huntLINX discount e-commerce coupons are offered at trade shows and from organizations, events, or promotions that we sponsor. Coupon offerings address the specific needs of these different groups, and may not be applied to all items in our web store. In most cases, redeeming your coupon will require purchasing a huntLINX software program or a combination kit that includes huntLINX. If you have any questions about the products or services that are included in your coupon, contact the organization who provided your coupon code or write us at Your coupon code is entered at checkout, after you've completed shopping, and the coupon amount will be applied to your final purchase of the applicable products/services.

Chicago Outdoor Sports Show

osg-banner3-284X227.pnghuntlinx-lowcase2-clr.pngHuntLINX and Outdoor Tracker Systems are featured sponsors of the Chicago Outdoor Sports Show on January 23-27, 2013 at the Rosemont Convention Center. Visit our booth for Live Demos or catch us on the Main Stage in a large group setting.

Everyone who attends will receive a $14.95 Outdoor Tracker Systems coupon which can be used to purchase any item from our web store that includes huntLINX, our unique Hunt & Property Managment Software.  Use your coupon to get huntLINX Starter Software FREE for a full year, or apply the discount to an upgraded software product or combination PAK kit that includes huntLINX and OTS field display products.

Advance ticket purchases to the Chicago Outdoor Sports Show are available now with great offers from other sponsors and presenters.


Product Review from Average Hunter

Check out the huntLINX and Outdoor Tracker product spotlight and review from our friends at AVERAGE HUNTER (click here). Also be sure to LIKE them and tune in to their podcasts for more info on all of your favorite hunting products and services.

Chris Davis

Chris Davis was born in Flint, Michigan in September 1972.  Ever since he could remember, he hunted with his Step father who showed him everything he knew about hunting in the Huron National Forest.  Chris learned alot from him and kept it.

Chris entered the U.S. Army in 1992 and lived in Hessen Germany as a civilian for almost 11 years. He learned alot about many different animals in the German Mountians. Even though he could not hunt, he enjoyed every breathtaking moment. Chris came home to North Carolina and has been a mentor of North Carolina wildlife for two years now. He's have taken several deer, predators and small game with family and freinds in my life time. Chris just enjoys Gods creations and just being in the Great Outdoors.

Chris is presently a manufacturers representative for HIPS Blinds, Cramers Custom Calls, and Skull Bound.

Sudden Impact Outdoors

dave-lusk2.png email.pngFit2Kill Facebookyou-tube.pngwebsite.png
Born and raised in Southern Ohio, Dave Lusk was always in the outdoors, taken on scouting trips when he wasn't even able to walk. Throughout the years Dave grew in knowledge when it came to hunting big bucks and turkey, having taken his first pope and young buck before he was even 18. Now, after all these years, and many big bucks and long beards under his belt, Dave owns and operates the very successful Southern Ohio Outfitters, and is the host of Sudden Impact Outdoors: the most high energy, high impact TV series hitting the Pursuit Channel.

Dave's outfit was recognized and voted #1 by Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine and have been responsible for many, many hunters having taken their buck of a lifetime. Hunting huge Ohio bucks is Dave's true passion.

Visual Field Alerts

Outdoor Tracker's SAF-T-WRAPS and SAF-T-SLAPS allow hunters to communicate their position afield to other hunters.  These blaze orange, highly visible "HUNTER IN AREA" tree, trail, and perimeter markers discourage other outdoorsmen from approaching your area, contributing to safer hunts, fewer interruptions, and improved privacy. 

The SAF-T-WRAP is 32" x 1.5" and attaches with velcro to trees up to 10" in diameter. 

The SAF-T-SLAP is a 24" x 1.5" flex-fit band that secures to trees, limbs, and shrubs.

The WRAPS and SLAPS are compact and lightweight at just 4 ounces per pack of three. Sold in a 3-pack of WRAP 'N SLAP PAK or in selected combination PAKs of software and other display products. These items are also available in custom colors and with custom text.


Step 2: Communicate with Others

Outdoor Tracker Systems POINT-OF-ENTRY DISPLAYS are used to let others know your location afield for safer hunts and fewer interruptions. These displays allow hunters to communicate with anyone who uses the same Private or Public property. Hunters use our PORTA-BOARD, PORTA-POUCH or FISH & GAME BOARD from their vehicle, camp, common parking area, roadside, farm lane, or any other common access point.

pp-step2-page.pngThe PORTA-BOARD and PORTA-POUCH
are water resistant enclosures to protect
printed maps. Each comes with a metal
backer board and six colored magnets.
The magnets match the activity legend
on huntLINX printed maps to communicate
your activity, location, and duration to
others. The PORTA-POUCH is welded
vinyl, and the PORTA-BOARD is molded
plastic with two LED lights to illuminate
your map.

The FISH & GAME BOARD is a customized interactive property map. A high resolution map of your property is bonded to galvanized steel and placed in a water resistant enclosure. Your custom color coded legend and matching magnetic markers allow hunters to communicate their activity & location to others on leases, hunt clubs, private property, public land or preserves.

When used in conjunction with our huntLINX Web Software and Safety Zone Markers, safety, privacy, and the success of your hunt will all improve.

Step 1: Manage your Hunts

Outdoor Tracker Systems utilizes huntLINX, our Hunt, Property, Client, and Media Management program, along with a network alert process, visual field aids, and point-of-entry communication displays to improve the safety, privacy, and success of your hunt on private or public lands. The huntLINX web software can be used by individual hunters, groups who share leases, guides or outfitters, hunt clubs, conservation organizations or agencies. HuntLINX is available in four (4) editions to meet your needs: Sportsman, Professional, Outfitter, and huntLINX 500. Refer to our WEB SOFTWARE page for details and to compare packages. Once you've selected your software program, you can view our VIDEO TUTORIALS to learn the program functions or select from the links below to read instructions with helpful screen views of the software.


Brandon Howard- Field Staff

brandon-howard.jpgemail.pngFit2Kill Facebook

Brandon Howard is a hardcore hunter and fisherman from Camden, Ohio. He writes: "Since I was a little boy my dad is the one that always kept in in the woods and on the lakes. It almost doesn't feel right if I don't have a Bow or fishing rod in my hands. I mainly hunt for Whitetail deer, ducks, and geese. Primarily all of my hunting is done in Ohio. but once a year I will travel to Michigan to hunt ducks. In 2011 I started filming my own hunts. Hopefully this year I can get the big one on camera when he goes down.

I use OTS primarily as a scouting tool and for safety. I will begin using it next year to log my bass fishing trips to help pattern the Largemouth bass patterns."


Gene Wilhelm- Field Staff

email.pngFit2Kill Facebook
Gene Wilhelm
is an avid hunter and fisherman, spending most of the year involved in some kind of outdoor activity: hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping. Gene hunts deer & other game from September thru January, and also Spring Turkey. He hunts with family and friends only on National FOrest and public lands. Gene has harvested hundreds of deer & turkey with a bow, rifle and muzleloader.

Gene is a firefighter for the town of Clifton Forge VA. He is President of Alleghany County Whitetail, a volunteer firefighter for nearby Iron Gate, and member of the Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Gene will be using huntLINX and Outdoor Tracker Systems products to comunicate with other hunters on public land for safety and privacy, whether they're a part of his hunting party or others who utilize the same public areas.

James Dennis- Field Staff

email.pngFit2Kill Facebook
James Dennis
hails from Brandenburg KY where he lives with his wife Trisha and daughter. He is a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation and has hunted whitetail, turkey, and waterfowl in Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Tennesssee, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Mississippi. James is retired from the US Army and is a double Purple Heart recipient. He was medically discharged after three explosive encounters while on tour in Afghanistan. James hunts nearly everyday and has been self-filming for two years.  

James uses huntLINX and Outdoor Tracker Systems products to manage his hunting locations, stands & plots and to let other hunters know there's a hunter in the area to help avoid hunting accidents. 

Jagermister Outfitters

deer-wall.jpgemail.pngwebsite.pngFit2Kill Facebookyou-tube.png
Lynn Buswell
is the Owner of Jagermister Outfitters LLC, Blitzkrieg Custom Game Calls, and a Wildlife Consultant with over 35 Years experience.   Lynn is known as "Iowa 's Premier Waterfowl Outfitter" and is an accomplished Duck/Goose/Turkey caller. Lynn has an unlimited understanding of deer and their movements with 22 P & Y bucks to his credit and 5 gun kills netting over 150". All taken in Iowa ! Lynn is a full time outfitter and spends most of his time hunting/guiding and producing quality Game Calls. He also spends time with his 5 children, and donates and guides no-cost Youth and Veterans hunts for all seasons. He has been guiding Full Time since 1996, and hunting in Iowa for 35 years.

Lynn is member of Hevi-Shot, Wac Em Broad Heads, Dakota Decoys and Blitzkrieg Game Calls Pro Staffs. Lynn is also on numerous Field Staffs. He is also an Avery Outdoors, Leupold and Rhino Blinds select Guide/Outfitter and is sponsored by many companies. Lynn is know Nationwide for his quality hunts and commitment to his clients. He also owns Outdoor Marketing Specialist’s, Blitzkrieg Custom Game Calls, and Silly Girlz Logo Wear. He is a co-founder of a Non Profit Conservation group, Hunter's for Iowa, Inc. Hunting and producing quality hunts is not a hobby here, it is a family affair and we take pride in all we do.

Mac & Prowler TV

email.pngwebsite.pngFit2Kill Facebookyou-tube.pnglinkedin.png
Mac and Prowler use their individual skills to harvest coyotes, bobcats, fox, wild hogs and more.  They also pursue other species of game from time to time, but predator hunting is at the heart of what they do.  Mac and Prowler is family-owned and operated in Texarkana, TX. Their hunting show, Coyote Tales, is featured on Legacy TV, a national cable network as well as Buck Forage TV and the Hunting Channel Online, both web-based TV format that are very popular among outdoorsmen.

Randy 'Mac' McMillan has been hunting predators for more than 30 years, coming from a life on a dairy farm he had to learn at an early age to sabotage predators before they diminished his family’s livelihood. Harvesting the elusive coyote & bobcat became a passion with Mac and now he wants to pass his knowledge along to you to make you a better hunter and enjoy the sport of predator hunting to the extreme. Mac is married and has two children, one boy & one girl. Both love to hunt and fish. Mac is a successful hunter and manages a hunting ranch in Northeast Texas.

Mac teamed up with Bill 'Prowler' Henson of Video Perfection Photography to make Coyote Tales come to life. Bill owns and operates a photography & video production company in Texarkana, Texas long known for excellence in it’s production values and commitment to top notch outdoors’ photography and shows. Bill is married and raised 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. He is an avid bow hunter and loves hunting elk in Colorado.

dustin-warncke-profile.jpgDustin Vaughn Warncke joined the Mac & Prowler team as pro-staff and marketing director in the summer of 2011. He is an avid gun hunter, compound bow and crossbow hunter and also enjoys hog dog hunting and bowfishing among other outdoor sporting activities. He lives in Central Texas  with his wife, Meagan, and son Jackson. Dustin brings a wealth of knowledge to the M&P team as he is also an outdoor industry sales and marketing consultant and web designer with his own company, Warncke Enterprises. Dustin's goal is to to help the average hunter on a budget get the most value for the money in outdoor products and well as featuring the best tried-and-true products available on the market today.

B & D Outdoors

jon-dale2.jpgemail.pngwebsite.pngBigChino Facebookyou-tube.png
B&D Outdoors is a Grassroots hunting team made up of Jeremy Batliner, Jonathan & Logan Dale, and Kelly Weigel. They strive to provide viewers with quality videos and equipment reviews. Be sure to tune in and enjoy the arrow slinging Midwest Whitetail mayhem with them on

Jonathan Dale is from Maryville, MO. He has grown up hunting and is currently pursuing a career in Wildlife Management. Jonathan is an avid hunter who also competes in local 3D tournaments. When he is not hunting he can be found working for the Missouri Department of Conservation as a Wildlife Assistant helping to maintain and promote proper habitat management.

jeremy-batliner2.jpgJeremy Batliner of Smithville, MO has been hunting since he was young. He could always be found in the woods on the farm. He has really developed a strong passion for the outdoors and the challenge of the hunt. When he is not busy with everyday life, he can be found pursuing anything in season or competing in local 3D tournaments. He hunts every chance he gets and the rest of the time dreams about what is going on out on the property. He and his wife are the proud parents to a one year old little girl that loves the outdoors as much as they do. Jeremy can't wait to share his love for hunting with her. 

Big Chino Guide Service

email.pngwebsite.pngBigChino Facebookyou-tube.png
JP Vicente founded Big Chino Guide Service in 1987. His passion for hunting has led him to find every opportunity to be in the field and that is how Big Chino Guide Service emerged! The desire to hunt trophies with JP is in the forefront of every hunter that Big Chino guides. With a long history of field experience, JP is most known for calling in monster bulls and shooting trophy bucks. He has spent so many days in the field with the monarchs of the southwest, which allows JP to have a vast knowledge of hunting these true trophies. JP and crew have countless days behind glass, as in the southwest spotting and stalking is by far one of the most successful tactics.

JP is a native Arizona kid that grew up in the outdoors of the central mountains of Arizona. He is married to Shawn Vicente since 1983. They have raised a family with two sons, Michael and Junior, and a daughter, Brianna. Their children grew up hunting and fishing and are now raising their families in the outdoors. JP served in the US Army as a Flight Medic and has a well established Career as a Fire Captain Paramedic.

JP loves spending time teaching youth hunters and non hunters that are getting involved in the outdoors how to hunt and leave the least impact of the environment. The “Leave No Trace” theory of the US Forest Service is something that JP takes seriously and when in the outdoors keeps that as a priority. JP seeks serious trophy hunters to hunt with and hopes that you will call soon about hunting in Arizona and Sonora Mexico. Feel free to contact JP direct at any time at 928-925-9395

michael-profile2.jpgMichael Vicente is the eldest son of JP and Shawn Vicente. Michael has grown up in the outdoors following his dad around the central mountains of Arizona. Michael’s 1st hunting experience started on his dad’s shoulders when he was 2 years old. Michael has created a great name for himself in the hunting industry and has put his hunters on some of the largest trophies taken in Arizona! Michael is married to Shannel Vicente and is expecting his 1st child in June of 2012. (A boy and his Name will be “Hunter”) If you wish to speak to Michael you can do so by contacting him on his cell phone, 928-925-9394 or Email: 

junior-profile2.jpgJunior Vicente, like his brother Michael, grew up in the outdoors. Junior is the youngest son, at the age of 20 and has an incredible knack for locating trophy animals behind glass. Like many of our younger guides they spend countless hours as spotters behind glass. Junior has become so methodical behind glass when hunters have Junior on their hunt as the spotter they constantly are wanting to have constant contact with him as his expertise and patience on glass stand outs. Junior has been a spotter for Big Chino since he was 12 years old. That’s 8 years behind glass. He has orchestrated more stalks than most guides around. Junior has been one of those guys behind the scenes for Big Chino and when he completes his College Football Career and Degree, he will take over a full time guide position. Currently Junior is working on the Promotions with Sponsors and Marketing of Big Chino Guide Service. He is completing his degree in Business and Marketing at Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff Arizona. We are excited for what he brings to this Family owned and operated business.


John Lyons- KY Pro Staff

john-lyons-prostaff-pic.pngJohn grew up chasing ruffed grouse in the hills of Eastern Kentucky with his dad who has instilled in him a life-long love affair with the outdoors.  Now days, his outdoor passion takes him afield starting with dove hunting in September, working through deer and waterfowl seasons and ending with turkey season in the spring.  Trips out west to chase elk have also been on the agenda in recent years.  He is now passing on his love of the hunt to his children.   

John has also supplemented his various outdoor encounters by diving into the world of outdoor videography.  He started Fit2Kill Productions LLC in 2011 and enjoys the challenge that filming and editing hunts adds to the overall experience.  “Getting a successful harvest on video is a tough thing to do but when it comes together, the memory of the moment is something that you can look back on for years to come.”

Given the amount of time John spends afield each year, a product like huntLINX is a vital component of his preparation.  “With the ability to design a specific plan for a specific tract of land, huntLINX gives you the edge on competition, whether that is the game you are chasing or other hunters on public land”.

Fit2Kill Outdoors Video
Fit2Kill Outdoors Facebook  


Mitch Smith Outdoors

mitch-smith-pic.pngemail.pngwebsite.pngFit2Kill Facebookyou-tube.pnglinkedin.png
Mitchell Smith- Owner of Mitch Smith Outdoors
I was raised on a farm in Tennessee and I also have a passion for the outdoors as I was introduced to he outdoors at and early age. I have acquired  a great deal of knowledge of hunting and fishing down through my years in the outdoors.  I have learned from both success and failures  which is why I want to share it with our viewers.  I hope this will benefits and them and they have a better success at harvesting game.

I have a background in law enforcement with different agencies.  I think this gave me a better understanding of patience and perseverance then most people have today.  I learned to read and watch people and know how to work with different people at different times.

I’m married and we have children that I hope has the same passion for the industry as I do. I hope that when I’m no longer on earth that they will have success with the business we started.

Michael Young michael-young-pic.png
I’m a family oriented 28 year old with a loving wife and 11 year old son.  My passion for the outdoors started with fishing at a very young age with my Dad and Grandfather.   From watching a floater for bluegills the love of fishing quickly switched to Large Mouth Bass and that is a summer passion that continues to grow stronger.  I never get to fish when the big ones are biting though because my love for hunting far exceeds my love for fishing.  My Dad and Grandfather both played a key roll in introducing  me to hunting that started at the age of 8.  We squirrel hunted in the fall and rabbit hunting all winter with a few old beagles.  I was able to harvest my first deer at the age of 10, it was a year and a half  old 8 pointer the might have grossed 60”, but with one pull of the trigger the fire was ignited.

As a family, my wife and I decided to start filming our hunts when our son started hunting 3 years ago.  We are glad we have the footage of all our harvest since then, but filming quickly became another addiction of the outdoors for us all.  Our son Dalton now has both of his bucks and doe harvest on camera, not to mention his gobblers.  I hope one day this footage means as much to him as it does me.  My wife and I have both also been fortunate enough to harvest a couple of bucks and doe on camera as well as some great turkey footage.  My one regret is not filming earlier, I would give anything have my wife’s first buck on camera.  In words, I can’t really explain our excitement that morning, but for anyone that has taken someone on their first hunt I don’t have to. Happy Hunting.

Joy Young joy-young-pic.png
I was introduced to the world of hunting by my husband (Michael Young).  Shortly after meeting him I figured out he had a great love and respect for hunting, which consumed a large amount of his time.  Michael was passionate about the sport and eager to expose me to the great outdoors.  I first began hunting as a mere spectator, but quickly understood why it consumed my husband.  It is magical to set surrounded by nature and feel the anticipation of the huntress.

After learning the details of hunting, including safety and ethics, I was ready to start hunting.  With my husband in the stand beside I killed my first deer, it was a doe.  I can still remember the surge of emotions that ran through my body from the time she entered the field the moment I pulled the trigger.  The following year I killed my first buck in the same field, and knew I was hooked.  I then wanted to be able to enjoy the season longer, so I decided to start bow hunting.  This took more dedication and practice, but once I harvested my first doe, I knew it was worth it.  My next journey would be turkey hunting.  The first turkey I killed was a double kill with my husband.  I have been blessed with two double bearded birds since.

When our son was seven he began to hunt and we decided to start videoing our hunts.  This allowed us to capture amazing memories.  I never imagined that watching my son take his first doe could be more exciting then any of my hunts.  Watching a child over come with excitement and confidence is amazing.  Our family spends many memorable hours together, learning and bonding in a stand or blind.  Happy Hunting.

Randy Fish
randy-fish-pic.png I grew up in Greene County Indiana hunting small game and fishing with my grandfather.  While growing up sports and the outdoors played a large roll in my life.  My grandfather and I spent many hours together hunting and running a trap line.  During high school I spent most of my time in the outdoors, skipping a day here and there to go hunting and such.  After high school collage and work took up most of my time which lead to becoming a work alcoholic.  I married my wife Johanna in 1995 and we have one son Payeton who at the age of 13 has a strong passion for the outdoors which you the viewers will see.  My wife got me back into the outdoors as she felt I worked to much and needed a hobby.  I started back fishing since I live seven blocks from the Ohio river and then picked my old bow back up.  While setting up and practicing with my bow a greater passion then I knew I had in me had formed.  I hint 98 % of the time with bow and arrow as you will see, competing in 3-d archery and hunting is my joy.  I have been blessed to harvest small game, whitetails and turkeys with bow and arrow.
In 1999 I started helping a outdoor youth ministry guiding kids on hunts.  It was at this this time I was introduced to filming and how much fun it can be.  Once my son was of age to hunt I stated filming him and before I knew it I was hooked.  We both enjoy hunting and filming each other while in the outdoors.  I’m looking forward to working with Mitch Smith and all the Pro-Staff members.  Hopefully we will be able to entertain and educate the viewers.  Good Hunting.

Laura Jarosinski kaylee-jade-jackson-pic.png
Laura brings to the MSO Staff 20 years of experience from hunting t fishing.  Laura bow hunt and fish as well as being an ice angler.  This year Laura pulled a bear tag and took her first black bear which she recorded and has done all the editing and formatting of her footage.  Laura began her hunting and fishing with her Dad, and to the day still hunts with an 82nd Air born Vet.

Laura is into education our youth in the hunting and fishing industry.  She has helped raise her younger sister and gave her, her first bow two Christmas ago.  She is a great asset to the team by bringing all her experience she has acquired in her young life.  Plus she also helps bring in a younger female audience.  Laura will also be blogging from the stand or blind through hunting season.

patrick-hallisey.pngPatrick Hallisey
Patrick is the newest member of Mitch Smith Outdoors and he has been hunting since the age of 7. Growing up in PA and up state NY on a dairy farm, he was shown the ways of the outdoors by his father and grandfather.  Patrick now resides in TN with his wife and children.  Besides filming his own hunts, he enjoys teaching his children the love of the outdoors that he has. 


Fit2Kill Outdoors

bicknell-prostaff-page.pngemail.pngFit2Kill Facebookyou-tube.pngwebsite.pnglinkedin.pngtwitter.png
Jay Bicknell currently works for the Kentucky Division of Water as a Biologist. He graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Wildlife Biology degree. His goals are to be in the ranks of Dr. Grant Woods. Jay also cattle farms 380 acres in Irvine, Ky and enjoys finding innovative ways to do wildlife management. The order of things in his life are God, family, country, and the outdoors. Jay will soon be launching Common Bond Outdoors with Sergeant Mike Davis, who lost his son in Iraq in 2006. Mike was wounded in 2008 by an IED, and again in 2009 when he was shot twice. Their goal is to share the love of God, Family, Country, Freedom and Hunting through Common Bond. Jay is highly motivated to be successful in the hunting industry and has a lot to offer to the hunting community. Jay says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Jay hunts Deer, turkey, quail, pheasant, coyotes, bob-cats, ducks and geese and has done so in Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio, Iowa, and Canada. He is the co-owner of Fit2Kill Outdoors and does a weekly outdoor column for the Estill Tribune along with related photography for the column. He presently holds Pro Staff positions with Maximum Draw Products , Average Hunter , Arrow Slinger, Sunflower Camo , Bill’s Custom Turkey Calls , Brothers in Arms Calls. Jay also serves on the Advisory Board for Operation Homefront.

Jay uses huntLINX from Outdoor Tracker Systems to make wildlife management decisions, determine stand placement, make informed yearly hunting decisions, and for safety. You can also visit Jay at these other links:
MDP Biologist

john-lyons-prostaff-pic.pngJohn Lyons grew up chasing ruffed grouse in the hills of Eastern Kentucky with his dad who has instilled in him a life-long love affair with the outdoors.  Now days, his outdoor passion takes him afield starting with dove hunting in September, working through deer and waterfowl seasons and ending with turkey season in the spring.  Trips out west to chase elk have also been on the agenda in recent years.  He is now passing on his love of the hunt to his children.   

John has also supplemented his various outdoor encounters by diving into the world of outdoor videography.  He started Fit2Kill Productions LLC in 2011 and enjoys the challenge that filming and editing hunts adds to the overall experience.  “Getting a successful harvest on video is a tough thing to do but when it comes together, the memory of the moment is something that you can look back on for years to come.”

Given the amount of time John spends afield each year, a product like huntLINX is a vital component of his preparation.  “With the ability to design a specific plan for a specific tract of land, huntLINX gives you the edge on competition, whether that is the game you are chasing or other hunters on public land”.

OTS joins forces with USOC

Outdoor Tracker Systems is pleased to announce a partnership with US Outdoorsman Central (USOC). USOC was established in 2006 to promote hunting and fishing, offering members the opportunity to win the trip of a lifetime, while introducing them to great products and services from manufacturers, guides, and outfitters. USOC is a Pursuit Channel promotional partner and will be producing the upcoming 'Shared Obsession' television show in 2013.

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OTS appears on HuntTalk

OTS President Jeff Peltier was a guest on HuntTalk with Peter Wood.  The podcast can be heard at or on iTunes.  Hear how we can help improve the safety, privacy and success of your hunting activities.

Join the Pro Staff at OTS!

Outdoor Tracker Systems is seeking qualified hunters to fill Field and Pro Staff positions for the upcoming Fall 2012 Hunting Season. Preferred applicants should actively hunt various big game, hunt a combination of public and private land (though not required), and be willing and able to incorporate and present our huntLINX software and/or OTS display products in their hunts, pictures and video.

Interested candidates should submit a brief summary of their hunting experience which includes:
a. Wild game hunted, States, harvests, days hunted per year, video/photography experience
b. a listing of any current ProStaff positions held
c. a list of any web or social media sites containing your likeness, videos, commentary, including forums
d. a list of friends, family, or hunting partners who would typically hunt and/or appear with you
e. any conservation organization memberships held (NWTF, RMEF, etc)
f. brief explanation of how you see OTS products being used in your hunts

Additional submissions may include:
a) pictures of trophies and/or mounts
b) field pictures with recent harvests (2010-2012)
c) a hunting video, can be a compilation
d) proof of current year hunting license in home state

Your written info can be sent as an MSWord document or plain text in e-mail to, or fax to 937-885-6948. We will not conduct telephone/personal interviews during initial evaluations. Written submissions only. Following our first review and interest in your written submission, you will be contacted for additional info.

Commitment, obligations and compensation based on experience. All Field & Pro Staff will receive products/services from OTS, some may include team gear. You, your pics, hunting related businesses, and qualifying videos will be promoted thru our web site, YouTube Channel, and/or social media. You will also be expected to participate in local/regional trade shows as needed. Thanks in advance for your interest. 

OTS partners with Backyard Bow Pro

Outdoor Tracker Systems has partnered with Team Backyard Bow Pro to optimize land owner/hunter relations and communications.BYBP members will receive special discounts on selected Outdoor Tracker products, and can obtain a FREE landowner software account with those purchases. We're also providing products for raffles and promotions to BYBP. Contact us at for details and your discount web order processing.

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Outdoor Tracker Systems has now partnered with the NWTF and is offering products through their Outdoor Deal Hound website. NWTF members receive their product discount on OTS purchases made thru NWTF is also running an OTS new product press release and promotion in the upcoming Turkey Country magazine. Get your copy now and be sure to visit OutdoorDealHound for all your hunting needs.

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Fish & Game Board to North Carolina

Outdoor Tracker Systems will be installing a Fish & Game Board in North Carolina in conjunction with Backyard Bow Pro.  The Fish & Game Board allows users to communicate their activity and location on public, private or leased properties for a safer more private experience.

Illinois Hunting Regulations

Check out our full page ad in the Illinois Hunting Regulations.  Outdoor Tracker Systems supplies software, safety and communication products for hunters and outdoorsmen.