Family & Friends Outdoors

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Family&Friends Outdoors was established in November 2011 by Andrew Farabee with the goal of bringing the average hunter a show they can relate to. We want to show the ups and downs, the "Oh noes" and the "Yeah babies"!

We started as one and now have 10 amazing people on staff, each of whom bring their own unique qualities. They include: Jeromy Allen, Bo Blackwell, Jimbo Blackwell, Rex and Stephanie Harrison, Chad and Kassia Harris, Clay Payne and Rhonda Boyers Roth. Our first year was amazing: we landed some really great sponsors and made so many great friends along the way. Family&Friends Outdoors is just what it says Family and Friends creating memories and making dreams become reality. F&F Outdoors is proud to be in the hunting industry and will be bringing everyone a fun filled adrenalin packed show! Family&Friends Outdoors: Where Friends Become Family.

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