Warriors Outdoors

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The Mission of Warriors Outdoors is to help Wounded Warriors enjoy God's country through a therapeutic and healing event.  This is accomplished through the combined efforts of landowners and guides supporting these Heroes through their time and resources.  It is our goal to provide quality hunting, lodging, and meals for each Warrior that is invited on one of our trips.​ Help us support our wounded warriors program by contributing to our fundraising events. All proceeds will go towards hunts for our heroes.

randy-moore.jpgRandy Moore
​​Hi, my name is Randall Moore. I live in Southeast Ohio. I grew up in a small town called Ava. I've always hunted and fished. Not always for fun but for survival, as we were a poor family. I work at Sidwell Materials running heavy equipment. Back in 2011, I met Charles Moore, and he introduced me to a new way to hunt and help our wounded American soldiers. So I teamed up with Warriors Outdoors. I started out as a guide, then i became vice president, now I serve as the president. Now I can only hope that I make Charles proud with all we are trying to do with Warriors Outdoors. I'm thankful he is still working beside me and help make his dream as big as possible. He is also a wounded soldier and then founder of Warriors Outdoors. He is a great man and I am pround to take this journey with him.  May God bless America and Warriors Outdoors.
Danny Hickman

Clint Van Hoose

​​Growing up in Southeastern Ohio I learned that hunting was a way of life. I have two great daughters and a wife of 9 years. My father started teaching me about hunting with a focus on bowhunting at an early age. My passion is bowhunting and spend every free moment I can get on stand. With over 25 years of hunting experience I now look forward to sharing those experiences in the field with those who gave so much for us to have the freedom to do so.

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