Hunting Success on Private Land

Private Land Hunting is popular across the country on private farms, hunt leases, clubs and guided hunts. Along with Private Land access comes property and wildlife management responsibilities that are often shared among the land users. These include managing:
  • food sources and plots
  • minerals and baits
  • treestand maintenance records
  • trail and game cameras
  • limited use of the property

To help you communicate, record, and document your progress and success as a property manager, OTS has created huntLINX, our satellite imagery, wildlife management and communication program. With huntLINX, you can:
  • store and share stand, blind, & property features on a satellite map
  • communicate with other members via e-mail, social media and pin drops
  • manage your interactive hunting journal, cameras pics, and harvest records

There's a huntLINX program to meet the needs of hunters on 5 acres to 50,000 acres, so click below to select the right one for you.
huntlinx-gage-clr.png    porta-board.jpg   PortaPouch2.jpg    fb-wrap-slap.png   
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