OTS-APPs: Remote Access and Smartphone Applications (est. 2015 product release)

The OTS-APPs will provide remote access to MyPASS and huntLINX from any iOS or Android portable communication device that is configured with a web browser and wireless communication capabilities.  This may include laptop/portable PCs with wireless service available, or the various Smartphone technologies available on the iPhone and Android platforms.  The OTS-APPs will allow members to:

•    More specifically define a location inside the selected safe zone
•    Periodically update locations if mobile
•    Change locations if non-member has occupied your selected location
•    Remotely access your Journal
•    Provide accurate locations for emergencies

Until this product is released , users may create a 'shortcut' in their web browser to the login page of OTS to access the web-based functionality of the system.  This will, of course, require that you have cell/wireless coverage from your location.