Hunting Responsibly

"Hunting Responsibly" requires safe and responsible actions by every sportsman & woman, along with the training and tools to achieve the desired results. As a Hunting Club, Conservation Organization or Wildlife Agency, do you want to create safer and more successful hunts to recruit and retain more hunters? Do you need to improve communication between hunters on your properties for safety and privacy? Do you keep accurate records of active hunt locations to effectively recover lost or injured hunters? Then look no further than huntTRAX from Outdoor Tracker Systems.

HuntTRAX is your administrative gateway to managing your members' activity. In huntTRAX, your organization will be able to:
  • Create custom screen views on satellite, street & topo maps
  • Develop utilities for biologists, activity organizers, and First Responders
  • Compliment your Call Center with visual GPS positioning
  • Reserve, schedule and allocate hunting locations
  • Perform online hunter check-in
  • Keep a permanent record of hunter destinations
  • Maintain safe distance between hunters
  • Reduce unintended accidents or injuries
  • Monitor continuous use of management areas
  • Designate and communicate sanctuaries
  • Highlight property boundaries and features
  • Gather hunting and harvest information
  • Get real-time data on wildlife populations
  • Respond more effectively to emergencies
  • Enforce rules and regulations
  • Create custom reports and views
  • Recruit and Retain more hunters
  • Increase your Revenues

fgb -web.pngYour huntTRAX program works in conjunction with these products designed for your members' safety and communication. Select from the products displayed to learn more or Contact Us to get your huntTRAX program started today.

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