Software Demo

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Select from the videos and/or the function tabs above to review various components of the OTS Software Program. Choosing the MAP DEMO tab will allow you to place icons and practice with the editor, while the other tabs only display the data tables (no data entry).

Our profile page is a place for you to store your personal information and view your software subscription and renewal date.

This optional profile gives you the ability to store detailed information about you in the event that you get lost or injured in the field and are reported missing.  This will provide emergency responders important information in order to be best prepared to assist with a search or extraction.


This portion of our GOPHER PLATINUM software allows guides, outfitters, hunt clubs, and lease holders  to store pertinent information about their clients, members, and hunters, who may then be assigned to active locations in order to record an accurate history.
PRIVATE MAP:  The mapping software allows you to save and manage your favorite locations on your own private map.  You also have the ability to store information about each location such as food sources, preferred winds, keep a journal, store pictures and much more. 

PUBLIC MAP:  When a user Activates a location from their Private Map, the GPS coordinates are transferred as a transparent image to the Public Map.  This location is then used as a reference point to send system alerts to other users who may choose a location that infringes on a 200-yard safe zone from the Active Location.  This is the built-in communication feature of OTS.  Users also have the option to display all their Active Location icons on the Public Map from the location editor.

QUICK MAP:  The Quick Map allows a user to select and drop a series of icons to create a single map that spans several days with multiple locations.  This is especially helpful if you participate in wilderness hunts, pack-in for several days, or operate from a base camp with no remote connectivity.

Visit our "Compare Packages" page to see which version of OTS serves your needs.