HuntLINX members maintain a PRIVATE MAP of their favorite locations, inaccessible and transparent to other network users, and the software has three primary functions:
1) to allow members to plot their ‘favorite’ places on a PRIVATE MAP and use elements of the program for property management to track info like stand locations, preferred winds, food/water sources, food plot products, mineral supplements, bait stations, organize game/trail camera pics, keep a Journal, etc.
2) to allow members to voluntarily communicate via a web platform with other hunters to avoid overcrowding & reduce disruptions; essentially a web-based ‘scheduler’
3)  to leave a record behind for safety, privacy and network alerts to others, while also communicating your activity/location/duration in case of emergency

The mapping shell includes your list of saved locations, drop-down menus of assorted activity icons, three different map types to easily locate your favorite places, tools, and a help screen.