From the MAPS menu, you’ll view the satellite imagery where you can zoom to your favorite hunting or outdoor activity locations. If you use the “JUMP TO ADDRESS” feature to find a location, be sure to hit “GO” for the system to search for the location.  You can also view different MAP TYPES (Satellite, Street, Topo) to help locate parcels or features.

Hover over the HUNT-  SCOUT-  FISH-  or TRAIL menus to select an icon that best depicts your activity or property feature. Click on the icon to "grab" it, move your pointer to the location where you'll place the icon, and click once again to drop it on the map. Clicking on the icon after it's been placed will open the editor window, where you can name and save the location. Depending on your program, you will be able to place 10 to 500 activity icons on your PRIVATE MAP.