When you ACTIVATE a location, this enables several features:
1. Transfers your GPS coordinate from your PRIVATE MAP to the PUBLIC MAP as a transparent image (default setting is NOT VISIBLE, user can define VISIBLE by location)
2. Creates a system defined 200 meter virtual safe zone for you
3. Alerts anyone trying to encroach on your "invisible" safe zone of your presence
4. Creates a JOURNAL entry for you to add text notes and data about that location for that day
5. Allows huntLINX Outfitter users to assign Clients to active locations
6. Stores Journal & Client data for future reference and use

NOTE: The program does not prevent another hunter from activating a location inside of your safe zone. OTS communicates this information to allow the other hunter to make a safe and courteous decision, however most public hunting access policies do not allow hunters to 'schedule' specific locations for specified periods of time. The communication platform is designed to share information not previously available with others, and relies on them to be considerate of your safety and privacy requests.