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Mitchell Smith- Owner of Mitch Smith Outdoors
I was raised on a farm in Tennessee and I also have a passion for the outdoors as I was introduced to he outdoors at and early age. I have acquired  a great deal of knowledge of hunting and fishing down through my years in the outdoors.  I have learned from both success and failures  which is why I want to share it with our viewers.  I hope this will benefits and them and they have a better success at harvesting game.

I have a background in law enforcement with different agencies.  I think this gave me a better understanding of patience and perseverance then most people have today.  I learned to read and watch people and know how to work with different people at different times.

I’m married and we have children that I hope has the same passion for the industry as I do. I hope that when I’m no longer on earth that they will have success with the business we started.

Michael Young michael-young-pic.png
I’m a family oriented 28 year old with a loving wife and 11 year old son.  My passion for the outdoors started with fishing at a very young age with my Dad and Grandfather.   From watching a floater for bluegills the love of fishing quickly switched to Large Mouth Bass and that is a summer passion that continues to grow stronger.  I never get to fish when the big ones are biting though because my love for hunting far exceeds my love for fishing.  My Dad and Grandfather both played a key roll in introducing  me to hunting that started at the age of 8.  We squirrel hunted in the fall and rabbit hunting all winter with a few old beagles.  I was able to harvest my first deer at the age of 10, it was a year and a half  old 8 pointer the might have grossed 60”, but with one pull of the trigger the fire was ignited.

As a family, my wife and I decided to start filming our hunts when our son started hunting 3 years ago.  We are glad we have the footage of all our harvest since then, but filming quickly became another addiction of the outdoors for us all.  Our son Dalton now has both of his bucks and doe harvest on camera, not to mention his gobblers.  I hope one day this footage means as much to him as it does me.  My wife and I have both also been fortunate enough to harvest a couple of bucks and doe on camera as well as some great turkey footage.  My one regret is not filming earlier, I would give anything have my wife’s first buck on camera.  In words, I can’t really explain our excitement that morning, but for anyone that has taken someone on their first hunt I don’t have to. Happy Hunting.

Joy Young joy-young-pic.png
I was introduced to the world of hunting by my husband (Michael Young).  Shortly after meeting him I figured out he had a great love and respect for hunting, which consumed a large amount of his time.  Michael was passionate about the sport and eager to expose me to the great outdoors.  I first began hunting as a mere spectator, but quickly understood why it consumed my husband.  It is magical to set surrounded by nature and feel the anticipation of the huntress.

After learning the details of hunting, including safety and ethics, I was ready to start hunting.  With my husband in the stand beside I killed my first deer, it was a doe.  I can still remember the surge of emotions that ran through my body from the time she entered the field the moment I pulled the trigger.  The following year I killed my first buck in the same field, and knew I was hooked.  I then wanted to be able to enjoy the season longer, so I decided to start bow hunting.  This took more dedication and practice, but once I harvested my first doe, I knew it was worth it.  My next journey would be turkey hunting.  The first turkey I killed was a double kill with my husband.  I have been blessed with two double bearded birds since.

When our son was seven he began to hunt and we decided to start videoing our hunts.  This allowed us to capture amazing memories.  I never imagined that watching my son take his first doe could be more exciting then any of my hunts.  Watching a child over come with excitement and confidence is amazing.  Our family spends many memorable hours together, learning and bonding in a stand or blind.  Happy Hunting.

Randy Fish
randy-fish-pic.png I grew up in Greene County Indiana hunting small game and fishing with my grandfather.  While growing up sports and the outdoors played a large roll in my life.  My grandfather and I spent many hours together hunting and running a trap line.  During high school I spent most of my time in the outdoors, skipping a day here and there to go hunting and such.  After high school collage and work took up most of my time which lead to becoming a work alcoholic.  I married my wife Johanna in 1995 and we have one son Payeton who at the age of 13 has a strong passion for the outdoors which you the viewers will see.  My wife got me back into the outdoors as she felt I worked to much and needed a hobby.  I started back fishing since I live seven blocks from the Ohio river and then picked my old bow back up.  While setting up and practicing with my bow a greater passion then I knew I had in me had formed.  I hint 98 % of the time with bow and arrow as you will see, competing in 3-d archery and hunting is my joy.  I have been blessed to harvest small game, whitetails and turkeys with bow and arrow.
In 1999 I started helping a outdoor youth ministry guiding kids on hunts.  It was at this this time I was introduced to filming and how much fun it can be.  Once my son was of age to hunt I stated filming him and before I knew it I was hooked.  We both enjoy hunting and filming each other while in the outdoors.  I’m looking forward to working with Mitch Smith and all the Pro-Staff members.  Hopefully we will be able to entertain and educate the viewers.  Good Hunting.

Laura Jarosinski kaylee-jade-jackson-pic.png
Laura brings to the MSO Staff 20 years of experience from hunting t fishing.  Laura bow hunt and fish as well as being an ice angler.  This year Laura pulled a bear tag and took her first black bear which she recorded and has done all the editing and formatting of her footage.  Laura began her hunting and fishing with her Dad, and to the day still hunts with an 82nd Air born Vet.

Laura is into education our youth in the hunting and fishing industry.  She has helped raise her younger sister and gave her, her first bow two Christmas ago.  She is a great asset to the team by bringing all her experience she has acquired in her young life.  Plus she also helps bring in a younger female audience.  Laura will also be blogging from the stand or blind through hunting season.

patrick-hallisey.pngPatrick Hallisey
Patrick is the newest member of Mitch Smith Outdoors and he has been hunting since the age of 7. Growing up in PA and up state NY on a dairy farm, he was shown the ways of the outdoors by his father and grandfather.  Patrick now resides in TN with his wife and children.  Besides filming his own hunts, he enjoys teaching his children the love of the outdoors that he has. 

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