John Lyons- KY Pro Staff

john-lyons-prostaff-pic.pngJohn grew up chasing ruffed grouse in the hills of Eastern Kentucky with his dad who has instilled in him a life-long love affair with the outdoors.  Now days, his outdoor passion takes him afield starting with dove hunting in September, working through deer and waterfowl seasons and ending with turkey season in the spring.  Trips out west to chase elk have also been on the agenda in recent years.  He is now passing on his love of the hunt to his children.   

John has also supplemented his various outdoor encounters by diving into the world of outdoor videography.  He started Fit2Kill Productions LLC in 2011 and enjoys the challenge that filming and editing hunts adds to the overall experience.  “Getting a successful harvest on video is a tough thing to do but when it comes together, the memory of the moment is something that you can look back on for years to come.”

Given the amount of time John spends afield each year, a product like huntLINX is a vital component of his preparation.  “With the ability to design a specific plan for a specific tract of land, huntLINX gives you the edge on competition, whether that is the game you are chasing or other hunters on public land”.

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