For many fishermen, the privacy of a small trout stream and a quiet cove of their favorite lake are Heaven on Earth. These places may look like a little slice of paradise, but real danger lurks around every bend and on each rock that you step. Getting there was the easy part, and being found if an accident occurs is even more important.

That's why we've created the MyPASS Personal Alert System. With MyPASS, you can be proactive by communicating your activity, location and duration in advance to friends, family, and First Responders with:
  • e-mail messages to three primary contacts
  • updates on your Facebook and Twitter status
  • shared pins on a public satellite map

MyPASS also includes mapping utilities to:
  • map your trails and preferred locations
  • print maps to display on your vehicle or at camp
  • record and save info about your favorite honey holes

Select from the items below for additional information to help you enjoy the outdoors more.

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