B & D Outdoors

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B&D Outdoors is a Grassroots hunting team made up of Jeremy Batliner, Jonathan & Logan Dale, and Kelly Weigel. They strive to provide viewers with quality videos and equipment reviews. Be sure to tune in and enjoy the arrow slinging Midwest Whitetail mayhem with them on HUNTVIDS.com.

Jonathan Dale is from Maryville, MO. He has grown up hunting and is currently pursuing a career in Wildlife Management. Jonathan is an avid hunter who also competes in local 3D tournaments. When he is not hunting he can be found working for the Missouri Department of Conservation as a Wildlife Assistant helping to maintain and promote proper habitat management.

jeremy-batliner2.jpgJeremy Batliner of Smithville, MO has been hunting since he was young. He could always be found in the woods on the farm. He has really developed a strong passion for the outdoors and the challenge of the hunt. When he is not busy with everyday life, he can be found pursuing anything in season or competing in local 3D tournaments. He hunts every chance he gets and the rest of the time dreams about what is going on out on the property. He and his wife are the proud parents to a one year old little girl that loves the outdoors as much as they do. Jeremy can't wait to share his love for hunting with her. 
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