Step 2: Communicate with Others

Outdoor Tracker Systems POINT-OF-ENTRY DISPLAYS are used to let others know your location afield for safer hunts and fewer interruptions. These displays allow hunters to communicate with anyone who uses the same Private or Public property. Hunters use our PORTA-BOARD, PORTA-POUCH or FISH & GAME BOARD from their vehicle, camp, common parking area, roadside, farm lane, or any other common access point.

pp-step2-page.pngThe PORTA-BOARD and PORTA-POUCH
are water resistant enclosures to protect
printed maps. Each comes with a metal
backer board and six colored magnets.
The magnets match the activity legend
on huntLINX printed maps to communicate
your activity, location, and duration to
others. The PORTA-POUCH is welded
vinyl, and the PORTA-BOARD is molded
plastic with two LED lights to illuminate
your map.

The FISH & GAME BOARD is a customized interactive property map. A high resolution map of your property is bonded to galvanized steel and placed in a water resistant enclosure. Your custom color coded legend and matching magnetic markers allow hunters to communicate their activity & location to others on leases, hunt clubs, private property, public land or preserves.

When used in conjunction with our huntLINX Web Software and Safety Zone Markers, safety, privacy, and the success of your hunt will all improve.
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