Visual Field Alerts

Outdoor Tracker's SAF-T-WRAPS and SAF-T-SLAPS allow hunters to communicate their position afield to other hunters.  These blaze orange, highly visible "HUNTER IN AREA" tree, trail, and perimeter markers discourage other outdoorsmen from approaching your area, contributing to safer hunts, fewer interruptions, and improved privacy. 

The SAF-T-WRAP is 32" x 1.5" and attaches with velcro to trees up to 10" in diameter. 

The SAF-T-SLAP is a 24" x 1.5" flex-fit band that secures to trees, limbs, and shrubs.

The WRAPS and SLAPS are compact and lightweight at just 4 ounces per pack of three. Sold in a 3-pack of WRAP 'N SLAP PAK or in selected combination PAKs of software and other display products. These items are also available in custom colors and with custom text.

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