huntLINX Professional

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huntLINX Professional Edition is our Hunting Location & Property Management program with an additional module for Media Management.  This program allows users to combine Location and Property Management data with trail camera, digital camera, and video footage pertaining to each location.  Features include:

  • Personal Profile, including optional EMR
  • Map, Manage and Save up to 75 stands, blinds or hunting locations
  • Record up to 40 Fixed and Variable Data Categories per Location
  • Ten (10) additional User Defined Data Fields per Location
  • Ability to Activate up to 25 Locations for Advanced Scheduling
  • Media Management Module for Digital Pictures & Video
  • Print Scaled Maps for display in Porta-Board/ Porta-Pouch
  • Run Utilities to Create Reports, Export Data, Print, Update Journal
Outdoor Tracker Systems, Inc.
Sioux Falls, SD 57109
US Patent Pending # 13,097,407