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MyPASS (My Personal Alert Safety System) Software is our entry level program which is FREE for the first year with the purchase of a Porta-Board or Porta-Pouch display, and allows members to:

  • Communicate via E-mail, Social Media, & Shared GPS Pins for safety, privacy, recovery
  • Maintain their Personal Profile, including optional EMR information
  • Map, Manage and Save up to 25 Favorite Locations
  • Record 6 Fixed Data Categories per Location
  • Activate up to 5 Locations for personal alerts and optional network-wide visibility
  • Print Scaled Maps for display in Porta-Board/ Porta-Pouch
  • Run Utilities to Create Reports, Export Data, Print, Update Journal
Outdoor Tracker Systems, Inc.
Sioux Falls, SD 57109
US Patent Pending # 13,097,407